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Attending Shows with the Enchanted Hollow Stables Team

We have had a lot of inquiries from lesson students and parents about attending competitions with our lesson horses. We are always trying to figure out new ways to expand our program so that our riders can continue to further their riding education and accomplish new goals. Therefore, this is definitely something that we have thought about for a long time!

Before we get into all the information about attending shows off of our property, I do want to mention that we plan to host a couple of schooling shows at home starting with the 2020 season so that our lesson students can practice in a competitive atmosphere but without leaving the farm. Costs for this will be less than the fees for traveling off the farm since there is far less liability, wear/tear on our trailer and equipment, and it’ll just be easier in general! We will keep students updated on any schooling shows that are planned once the weather warms up because we plan to have them in the outdoor arena.

We have decided to offer the opportunity for regular riders at Enchanted Hollow Stables to attend shows while riding our horses. There are opportunities to compete in both Western and English disciplines, with an emphasis on WSCA competitions (gaming events or pleasure) and jumping schooling shows. Riders can only be eligible to attend shows with us if:

  • They ride in at least 4 lessons per month at Enchanted Hollow Stables. This is to ensure that they will be well-practiced and well prepared for a competition in whichever discipline they are focusing on.
  • They have been approved for eligibility for attending a show by Mary and Sam Sansevere. With Mary being the barn owner and Sam being the head riding instructor, they both know the horses and riders the best and will need to determine if the pair is prepared to have a positive experience at a competition.

The fees for attending an off-site competition with an Enchanted Hollow Stables horse are all-inclusive (aside from office and class fees at the show for each individual) and the services covered by the fees include the following:

  • Coaching/instructing/tacking for the day. We will handle everything so that the friends and family of the rider get to just enjoy the day and cheering on their rider! We will coach them throughout the day and during their classes just like we do during lessons and horse camps. We will also help them tack up and groom if necessary.
  • Use of an Enchanted Hollow Stables horse. For leasers, half-leasers, and non-leasers. We can also transport and coach riders that own their own horses and board them at Enchanted Hollow Stables.
  • Help to prep the Enchanted Hollow Stables horse for the competition. Usually, the horse will need to be groomed, bathed, and stalled the night before a competition. We definitely recommend that the rider join us for this portion because it’s a huge and really fun part of the process, but we will help them with any step that they might need help with!
  • Transport of the horse to the competition. This covers gas as well as wear and tear on the vehicle. If the competition is more than 50 miles away, an additional fee may be incurred.
  • The option to use Enchanted Hollow Stables tack for the day. Some of our riders have their own tack that they are welcome to use, but we do provide the option to use any of our tack. Specific tack is reserved on a first-come, first-serve basis but ultimately is at the discretion of Sam or Mary because some saddles, bridles, etc. will be more appropriate for each specific horse or rider depending upon the discipline.

A non-leaser is any rider that will not be competing with a horse that they own and does not currently have an active lease or half-lease on any Enchanted Hollow Stables horse.

Pricing for the services listed above is as follows:

  • $250 for a 1-Day Show for Non-Leasers
  • $200 for a 1-Day Show for Half-Leasers
  • $150 for a 1-Day Show for Full Leasers or riders that will be competing on a horse that they own

Office fees and class fees are NOT covered by Enchanted Hollow Stables through the fees laid out above. Those show fees are necessary in order to actually compete once you are at the competition. They are not covered in our fees laid out above because each show varies in cost for classes, and not every rider will choose to compete in every class while others might. These particular costs will vary depending on the particular show we are attending, but for an idea of what to expect, most WSCA shows charge somewhere around $5 for an initial office fee and $5 per class.

At this time we do not have plans for offering rates for multi-day shows that require an overnight stay for the horse, but if a show like that is something that we end up planning for with some riders we will adjust fees accordingly for that particular situation.

As of March 2020, we are currently looking over the calendar for the year and figuring out a competition schedule. If you would like to inquire about attending a show with us this year and/or have an idea for a specific competition you’d like to attend, you can shoot Sam or Mary a text, call, or e-mail ( at any time.

Enchanted Hollow Stables reserves the right to change any of the fees or terms outlined above at their discretion and at any time.