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FOR SALE: Macaroni (Buckskin Pinto Kids Pony)

Macaroni SELLS to the highest bidder at the Twin Cities Appaloosa, Paint, & Quarter Horse Catalog Sale on April 4th, 2020! She does not have a hip number yet but as soon as it has been assigned we will update this page. Phone bids welcome — just call Simon Horse Company at 507-263-4200 to set it up!

As pictured here, Macaroni is used to having animals like goats, guinea hens, and chickens under her feet while she’s being ridden so she is very well exposed to a busy atmosphere! Not pictured here are some of our other animals that she is used to having all over the place, like our pot belly pig, ducks, and other goats!


Keep checking back to this page to see video and more photos of Macaroni! We will continue adding to this page and will post all videos on this page as well leading up to the sale day.

This is a photo of Macaroni and Sienna in fall 2019. She has a trace clip here!

This adorable little pony, known affectionately in the barn as “Macaroni,” is a buckskin pinto with adorable markings, especially her unique white socks! She has a great build and is very stocky for her size. She is very sweet and loves attention, especially from kids! This is another pony that has been used in our program and we would be very happy to keep her if for some reason she doesn’t sell on April 4th!

Sienna and Macaroni. Macaroni is the sweetest!

Often when we sell nice horses and ponies like Macaroni, people ask, “why are you selling?”

It’s a fair question! Macaroni is so cute, versatile, and has such a good temperament so it makes sense that people that don’t know us would ask a question like that.

To that, though, I will tell you that we are very blessed to have a large lesson program with about 15 horses and ponies that are ridden every week in horse camps and lessons. On top of that, we personally own another dozen or so riding horses and ponies. So, we already have a full barn full of horses and ponies just as nice as Macaroni!

Every year, we get one or two horses or ponies with the intention to eventually sell them after they’ve been used in our program. Macaroni is one of those ponies. We love seeing ponies like her go on to new homes to be the star of someone’s life! Consigning these horses and ponies is also something very fun for me (Samantha) and my little sister (Sienna) to do together.

Therefore, we are proud to offer this little pony as well as the other mare we are consigning, Frankie, at the Twin Cities Appaloosa, Paint, & Quarter Horse Catalog Sale on April 4th, 2020!

Breed: Quarter Pony

Height: 13hh – Very stocky and stout for her height.

Weight: Approx. 750lbs

Age: 16 years old – confirmed by vet when teeth were checked

Health: UTD on coggins, vaccinations, farrier. Teeth checked March 2020 and did not need to be done. Zero health or lameness issues. Totally sound. Never foundered as far as we are aware.

  • We’ve owned her since Fall 2019
  • Very patient
  • Loves attention
  • Loves kids
  • Used to a busy atmosphere with lots of kids at our riding school
  • Great walk/trot/canter
  • Direct rein, and started on neck reining
  • She’ll give you as much speed as you ask for, and will slow down when you tell her to.
  • Super cute, smooth trot
  • Easy to catch
  • Respects fences
  • Low maintenance — doesn’t NEED grain but currently gets Purina Senior, black oil sunflower seeds, and ground flax
  • She loves treats and isn’t picky about what kind she gets!
  • Stays fat, shiny, and dappley on just grass hay!
  • She is fine left out in the pasture 24/7 or stalled! Has been stalled at night the past couple of months.
  • Stands for vet, farrier, clipping, grooming
  • Very patient
  • Will stand tied all day, anywhere
  • Clips great, and will be body clipped before the sale
  • Rides western or English
  • Has shown with previous owners in gaming and low-level jumping, and was ridden in beginner jumping lessons in previous owner’s lesson program. Sienna and other students of ours have also ridden her over small jumps and she has never hesitated to jump anything!
  • Rides in a smooth 3-piece snaffle
  • NO spook, rear, or buck
  • Loads in a trailer great and with zero hesitation
  • Stands tied to the trailer
  • Stands great in cross ties
  • Stands for bathing and clipping
  • Backs great
  • Great stop
  • Great out on trails alone or in a group
  • Was ridden in horse camp during the 2019 fall season
  • Well exposed to guns, 4-wheelers, skidsteers, tractors, tarps, water, cows, pigs, goats, chickens, ducks, dogs, cats, and loud, crazy kids!
  • Safe for beginners
  • Very eager to please
  • Will be used in a busy program for horse camps and riding lessons until the day of the sale
She rides well with a martingale or without! We just often use one when kids are jumping the horses because then even if the kids are a little clumsy with the position of their hands, it keeps the reins in a more comfortable position for the horse.

Located in Buffalo, MN — but shipping can be arranged anywhere!

She sells at the Twin Cities Appaloosa, Paint, & Quarter Horse Catalog Sale on April 4th!! If you can’t be there in person, set up phone bids with Simon Horse Company by calling 507-263-4200. Come see her on the day of the sale!