What to Know Before You Ride With Us

2022 Waiver

You must have a NEW 2022 waiver on file with us to participate in activities like lessons, horse camps, classes, or trail rides. You can print the waiver provided on this page or email a digitally signed copy to enchantedhollowstables@gmail.com.

Payment Information

Horse Camps & Classes

Registering for a horse camp or class online is EASY! To register for a horse camp or class, just one on our Camps & Classes page and click on it to learn more information about that particular camp. Once you’ve decided on a horse camp or class, add it to your shopping cart and check out safely and securely by clicking the “PayPal” button! You do not need a PayPal account in order to check out – we simply use PayPal as a facilitator for our payment system for your safety and security.

If a horse camp or class shows as “Out of Stock,” that camp is full.

Once a horse camp is paid for, your spot is secured. All horse camps and classes are non-refundable but if your child cannot attend just let us know at least 48 hours before the horse camp day and we can apply those funds toward other services such as riding lessons, leasing, etc.

Riding Lessons

Beginning with the 2022 season, we have implemented a new and EASY way to schedule riding lessons with us!

Our business has grown so much in the last few years, and with that growth it has been a challenge for us to keep up with the demand sometimes. It is a problem that we are SO blessed and lucky to have – because it really is an honor that so many folks want to ride with us! So, to make it easier for you and easier for us, we have upgraded our lesson scheduling system! You’ll want to save and bookmark this page, because from here you are able to schedule and pay for your riding lessons. Yay technology!

You can book riding lessons by clicking here.

Trail Rides

Along the same lines as what we explained above, beginning with the 2022 season, we have implemented a new and EASY way to schedule trail rides with us, too!

You can book trail rides by clicking here.

Other Important Information

In the days leading up to a horse camp day, riding class, or other organized activity we usually send out an email to participants containing important information to help them prepare. All the vital information is available on each individual activity page, but we usually email it directly to participants to be sure that they have everything they need to know.

We will continue to do that in the future, but to be sure that it is always available for everyone, I am including the general information that is usually included in those emails below for parents that may want the information sooner. Each email is specifically tailored to each activity and contains information related to that particular week of camp (weather advisories, specific details, etc.), but this is the “bare bones” of what information is included.

Hello! We are so excited that you have a child registered for our (activity name) that starts (date of activity) at (start time of activity)!

In this email is important information and a list of what to pack for the camp. Please read the whole email thoroughly and let us know if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.

All information in this email can be found on our website where you registered, so it shouldn’t be the first time you’re seeing it, but we do like to send it directly to you to be sure that you have everything you need ahead of the (activity)!

Doors to the barn do not open until 9:55am and we cannot accommodate earlier drop offs than 9:55am. Horse camp starts at 10:00am, and ends at 3:00pm.

(Please note that any mentions of drop off and pick up times apply only to horse camps or other full day activities. If you are registered for a class or trail ride the start/end time is likely different than what is mentioned throughout this example email. Be sure to check your specific activity’s start and end time and do not rely on this message for that information.)

Here are some important reminders:

  • As always, drop off is no earlier than 9:55am.
  • Pick up is at 3:00pm sharp, unless a later pick up time is discussed and organized beforehand with Mary or Sam. 

If you, your child, or anyone your child has come directly or indirectly in contact with has shown symptoms of being sick recently or if for any reason you do not feel comfortable having your child attend horse camp at this time, please send us an email or give Mary Sansevere a call (612-386-0279) and we will very happily help you organize for your child to attend a later camp date. 

Please note that parents do not stay for the horse camp day. Once your child has been checked in, we ask that parents leave until pick up time at 3:00pm. You are welcome to say hello and look around when you bring your child in the morning and when you are picking them up in the afternoon, but we ask that parents don’t stay for the camp day. It is very difficult for us to keep a child’s focus on us and the activities we are doing when their parent is present. Additionally, if one child’s parent is present and another child’s is not, the other child often is distracted by wondering why their parent isn’t also around. It becomes very distracting and confusing overall, and we’ve found it works better for everyone if parents do not stay for the day. We do take LOTS of photos and videos throughout the camp day so that you can still see what they are doing throughout the day, and we are happy to share those on our Facebook page for you to easily access and view. If this is an issue, we completely understand and respect that you may feel that way, but we encourage you to consider transferring your registration to a few short format riding lessons instead of the full horse camp day because we welcome parents to stay for our shorter one-hour riding lessons.Below is our list of “what to bring” that is also found on the website where you registered for this camp — we are just including it here for your reference and convenience.


  • NEW 2021 waiver printed and signed*
  • Sturdy boot or shoe with a heel to ride in
  • Rain boots, just in case it gets cold and muddy!
  • Old jeans or riding pants that you don’t mind getting dirty!
  • Extra layers (sweatshirt, jacket, extra socks, etc.) in case it gets chilly or things get dirty and they need to change
  • ASTM/SEI certified riding helmet**
  • Lunch***
  • At least TWO full water bottles — we go through lots of water on a hot summer day!
  • Snack
  • Face mask is optional but welcomed
  • A good attitude!

* All participants MUST sign a new 2021 waiver, even if they have ridden at the barn before. Please print, sign, and present it at check in.

**We do have several helmets on hand that kids can borrow but cannot guarantee that we will have enough or one that fits your child, and a properly fitted helmet is required for all riding activity. We always recommend riders bring their own certified helmet — it’s best for your child’s safety that they have their own so you can ensure that they have a properly fitted helmet and are as safe as possible, and it is easier to adhere to safe sanitary practices when they are not sharing helmets.

*** We are a NUT FREE facility. Due to us having numerous clients that have severe nut allergies, please do not pack food items containing nuts in any lunches or snacks.

Pack your child’s things in a bag or backpack, and we will have a safe place for your child to keep them during the camp. 

Our address is: 5164 County Road 33 SE Buffalo, MN 55313.
Our barn is big and red, with white fencing in front. There are usually a lot of cars parked out in front. We have a circle driveway. Please drive in to the left and come in through the front door to the tall red barn. 
We will have a check in table set up at the front of the barn so that we can get waivers, sign in campers, and hand out name tags.

AGAIN: Doors to the barn do not open until 9:55am and we cannot accommodate earlier drop offs than 9:55am. Horse camp starts at 10:00am, and ends at 3:00pm. While we run our business here, this is also our personal home as well. Please respect our time, family, and hours of operation by not arriving at camp early. 🙂