Riding Programs

Different Programs Offered at Enchanted Hollow Stables

2021 is a fresh start in a lot of different ways here at Enchanted Hollow Stables! We are so excited to kick off the new year with a clearer explanation on some of our programs such as saddle club, leasing opportunities, camp leaders, and more.

Here is further clarification on each program offered to Enchanted Hollow students:

The Saddle Club is an opportunity to gain access to monthly meetings, season awards, and being a part of a special community at the barn. 

Leasing is the opportunity to ride a specific horse without having pre-scheduled lessons, classes, camps, or appointments. A lease only permits you to ride your leased horse. Any extra time spent at the barn or opportunities to ride different horses can only be EARNED through helping with chores or tasks around the barn. 

Camp Leaders assist with horse camps or classes in exchange for stamps on a card that they can exchange for extra riding time, lesson fees, merchandise, and other offerings. 

These are programs for current riders at Enchanted Hollow Stables. If you are a new rider with us, click here to learn more about the services we offer, such as riding lessons and horse camps.

In the past, it was considered a benefit of our Saddle Club to be able to be able to help with chores around the barn in exchange for extra riding time. In an effort to simplify things and to keep everything at the barn more straightforward, that is no longer the case. As of 2021, helping with chores in exchange for more ride time is NOT a part of being a saddle club member.

There ARE still volunteering opportunities available to riders to gain more riding time or time at the barn, but it is completely separate from any other program we offer. The privilege of spending extra time at the barn or riding different horses than they are leasing OR riding in a camp/class/lesson/clinic must be EARNED.

Riding our horses or spending time at Enchanted Hollow Stables is a PRIVILEGE that can be taken away at any time. If we feel that an individual is taking advantage of our horses, our staff, our facility, or our staff then we do reserve the right to remove the privilege for them to join us at the barn. 

If you would like to volunteer your time to helping with tasks around the barn in exchange for extra riding time OR just because you want to be helpful, please contact Mary or Sam.

Please also keep in mind that not just anybody will be trusted at the barn. This is an opportunity for current riders at EHS.