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Frequently Asked Questions

We are very blessed to have a very large program and as a result, we end up having a lot of people reach out on a daily basis with questions and inquiries. We’re so thankful for all of you that reach out! Sometimes it can be tough for us to stay on top of responding to everyone as quickly as we’d like, so here are a few of our most frequently asked questions. Hopefully this helps to answer any questions you may have prior to reaching out!

We will update this often and continue adding to this list, so check back any time you are curious or have a question about something just in case it’s been added!

Do you do riding lessons?

Yes, absolutely! In fact, our program is built primarily upon the dedication of our weekly and bi-weekly riding lesson students. We do riding lessons year round in our indoor riding arena, outdoor riding arena, and riding trails. You can see more information on our riding lessons on our “Services” page.

Lessons are typically done in a 2-6 rider group format with other riders of similar age and riding ability. We’ve found that this is also a great way to help encourage a supportive community of riders that very quickly become good friends with the other riders in their group!

Due to our very personalized and thoughtful scheduling system, you cannot get on our schedule for regular weekly or biweekly lessons via the website. You must reach out by calling Mary at 612-386-0279 OR emailing us at

Our lesson schedule is typically full — it is not unusual for us to have 60+ lesson students riding with us each week. However, we do always try to find a day and time for anyone that wants to ride with us, so please do not hesitate to reach out!!

How much do riding lessons cost?

Group riding lessons cost $40 per rider, per one-hour lesson.

Sienna Sansevere and Macaroni riding during the winter time!

Do you do riding lessons in the winter time, too?

Yes, but since our facility is not currently heated (but we are working on that!) when temperatures are below 15 degrees we cancel riding lessons because it is too cold for the riders to get the full benefit of their experience and it is harder on the horses respiratory systems. The health and wellness of all our riders and horses is our number one priority!

What are some other circumstances where lessons might be cancelled?

If there is a heat advisory we cancel riding lessons, also for the health, safety, and wellness of our riding lesson students and horses. Occasionally, there may be personal family conflicts or emergencies that may disrupt our schedule as well, though they are far and few between. We have a very large program with a good sized staff but we are still just a small family operated business!

A young lesson student during a horse camp in the winter time.

How old does my child need to be in order to do riding lessons?

This really varies child to child, because some are more mentally or physically mature than others. Generally, our rule of thumb is that they at least need to be old enough to already be potty trained before they can do a riding lesson or day camp.

We do offer “Little Kid Camps” that typically go from 10am to 3pm and are horse camps specifically for any riders under 7 that are at a beginner level, and those are a great option for our littlest riders to enjoy the horses and a day at the barn! Check out our “Horse Camps & Classes” page to see if we have any coming up, or email us at to request that we put more on the schedule.

Can I rent a horse?

We do not do one day renting or leasing of horses. However, we do monthly leases on horses! Leases are great for anyone interested in horse ownership but that are not quite ready for that kind of commitment! Contact Mary at 612-386-0279 for details.

A trail riding group during one of our Summer Horse Camps.

Do you do trail rides?

The simple answer is, YES! We incorporate our 1.5+ miles of trails and fields into many riding lessons, camps, and classes. They are an integral part of our program and we try to utilize them as much as possible.

If you are interested in a one-time trail riding experience with the horses, you can choose to organize a one-hour or two-hour riding lesson that can also include a trail ride for multiple people (weather permitting). We do not allow people to just come rent a horse and go out on a trail ride unsupervised – but we can organize a riding lesson to ensure that you have the skills necessary to go outside prior to leading you on a guided trail ride on our private wooded trails and fields.

Contact Mary at 612-386-0279 or email us at to get something on the schedule.

Do you do boarding?

Yes! Pasture board is $295 per month. We do have some stall boarding options available as well. Reach out to Mary or email us at for details.

Our indoor arena.