EHS Saddle Club Information

Information on the Enchanted Hollow Stables Saddle Club

The Enchanted Hollow Stables Saddle Club is a great opportunity for our riders to be a part of a community that shares a lot of common interests. Our points and awards system also incentivizes them to set goals, work hard, and hold their friends accountable! 

Our Saddle Club is a bit different from the previous years. Please check out the information below and read it all thoroughly prior to inquiring about joining!

Benefits of Saddle Club:

  • Monthly Meetings – Monthly meetings to get everyone together to socialize, talk about goals or plans, organize events, and participate in activities. 
  • T-Shirts – Included in membership is one t-shirt that is an exclusive 2021 Saddle Club design. 
  • Eligible for end-of-season awards – As part of a schooling show series where we have at least 4 schooling shows at the farm throughout the year, we will keep track of points and present awards to whoever has gotten the most points. There will also be awards for non-point related achievements. 
  • WSCA Membership – If riders participate in WSCA shows in 2021, in order for their 1st and 2nd placings to count toward qualifying for the WSCA Championship Show at the end of the year they must be a member of a certified WSCA saddle club, which we are! Please go to to learn more about that organization and the shows that they put on. We plan to attend multiple WSCA shows in 2021. Our schooling shows are NOT WSCA shows. 

Requirements of Saddle Club Members:

  • Must participate in a barn work day prior to each schooling show to prepare the facility — will focus on cleaning, painting, fixing fences, etc.
  • Must be kind and helpful to others around the barn, and set an example for those younger than them.

Saddle Club Fee Goes Toward:

  • Year end awards (trophies, custom halters, etc.)
  • T-shirts
  • WSCA Membership club fees
  • Supplies for meetings

Requirements to Join:

  • Approval from Sam and Mary
  • Ability to put on halter, tie up horse, put saddle on, and put bridle on with no help in under 5 minutes

Cost: $150/year

Cost is $150 per year for one rider and $100 for each additional rider from the same family.

How do I join?

Please chat with Mary or Sam privately about joining the saddle club. We no longer allow online registration.