Leasing Information

Leasing Information

Leasing gives you the opportunity to ride a horse without having pre-scheduled lessons, classes, camps, or appointments. An active lease only allows you the opportunity to ride or work with your specific leased horse.

Cost: $295 per month for a full lease

Beginning February 15th, 2021, we are only offering full leases. No half leases. 

EHS Covers These Expenses on Leased Horses: 

  • Routine vet work
  • De-worming
  • Farrier
  • Dental
  • Grain or supplements necessary for the horse’s health

Leaser is Responsible For: 

  • Monthly leasing fee ($295 per month)
  • Vet fees for injuries caused by the actions of the leaser
  • (Optional) Specialized grain or supplements — only if approved by Mary

Requirements for Leasing:

  • Must be approved by Sam, Mary, and Bob
  • Must take a minimum of 4 riding lessons with that specific horse to ensure that you understand that horse’s riding style and personality

PLEASE NOTE: We do have tack and equipment available for leasers to use, however, we do encourage everyone to get their own saddle, bridle, and other equipment as soon as possible.

Important Details

When you are leasing, you may arrive at the barn to spend time with your leased horse, groom them, work with them and/or ride them. Once you have concluded your session with your leased horse horse you must leave or be picked up — unless you have coordinated ahead of time with Mary or Sam to spend extra time at the barn helping with tasks in the barn.

If you are a parent of an underage rider that has a lease on a horse, please do not assume that Mary, Sam, or one of our other adult staff members will be available to supervise your child. Unless you have talked directly to Sam, Mary, or another adult staff member to confirm that it is okay to drop your child off for a pre-determined amount of time when an adult is available to supervise, you must be present with your child to supervise them while they are at the barn. 

Enchanted Hollow Stables reserves the right to use leased horses in camps, classes, lessons, or clinics.

We may still use your leased horse in camps, classes, lessons, or clinics. However, if you let us know when you are coming out to the barn to see them, we will either work around your schedule so they are not being used at that time or we will let you know that they are booked but will let you know when they will be free.