Camp Leader Information

How to Become a Camp Leader at Enchanted Hollow Stables

Camp Leaders are individuals that assist with horse camps or classes. We have a busty and thriving horse camp program that we are very proud of, and a major aspect of what make it so successful is the great mentorship program that we offer through our Camp Leaders!

Camp Leaders typically have been in the riding program at Enchanted Hollow Stables for a while and are very familiar with our program, our horses, our teaching style, and our facility. They have the opportunity to take on a leadership role as they help and mentor new riders that join us for camps and classes. They act as assistants to the main instructors in our horse camps, Mary Sansevere and Sam Sansevere.

Being a Camp Leader offers experience that is difficult to find anywhere else. Camp Leaders develop great leadership skills as well as an education on riding instruction — perfect for any individuals that have an interest in becoming a barn manager, barn owner, trainer, or riding instructor in the future. Plus, they get to have a lot of fun spending their days at the barn with their friends!

Camp Leaders are given “punch cards” which will be stamped after each day of horse camp that they help with. They earn stamps through helping! Once a card has been filled with stamps, it can be exchanged for a specific monetary value that may go toward lessons, camps, classes, clinics, merchandise, or other offerings from Enchanted Hollow Stables. 

You can apply to become a camp leader by filling out the form linked below and submitting it to Sam and Mary in person or via email to