Sia Kharizzamas Khizz (also known as Frankie) SELLS to the highest bidder at the Twin Cities Appaloosa, Paint, & Quarter Horse Catalog Sale on April 4th, 2020! She does not have a hip number yet but as soon as it has been assigned we will update this page. Phone bids welcome — just call 507-263-4200 to set it up!

Frankie is great for all ages to ride English or Western. This rider, Sienna, is 10 years old. Her trot is very smooth and comfortable!

This is the kind of horse that I am legitimately hesitant to sell! I get asked a lot why I am selling good horses like her that we use in our riding program. It is because I buy, train, and sell one or two horses per year and she is one that I have planned on selling but have already hung on to longer than I planned just because I like her so much! I already have a lot of keepers and we are blessed with a big lineup of lesson horses already.

That being said, she is one that I would NOT be upset about taking home if, for some reason, she doesn’t sell on April 4th. I just love her and it’ll be a very emotional day!

Half-Arabian: SIA KHARIZZMAS KHIZZ (HAHR*1A377234)

This mare, known affectionately in the barn as “Frankie” or “Franklin,” is a registered half-Arabian pinto. When I bought her she came with the name Frankie, and it has just stuck. Normally I have no issue renaming horses and will give them goofy names that are usually food-related (see Macaroni or Tater Tot as an example) because FOOD!! Frankie just seems to fit her, though. I love calling her Franklin, even though it sounds a little silly.

She’s very well bred to be the kind of horse that can go in any direction — on her Arabian side, she’s got Khemosabi on her papers and goes back to Bask. On her APHA/AQHA side she is Mr Norfleet bred. She has a thick quarter horse type build and very cute markings. With a bald face and two blue eyes, she is very flashy!

Breed: Half-Arabian Paint

Height: 14.2hh – Small enough that she is a great size for kids and not intimidating at all, but plenty big and stocky enough for any size adult to ride.

Weight: Weight tapes around 1000lbs

Age: 9 years old

Health: UTD on coggins, vaccinations, farrier, teeth. Teeth were floated summer 2019 and checked March 2020. Zero health or lameness issues. Totally sound. Never foundered.

Very patient, even for goofy kids. 🙂
Look at that neck!!
  • We’ve owned her for a year
  • Super easy to catch
  • Very sweet
  • Very affectionate
  • Loves Attention
  • Respects fences
  • Extremely low maintenance and easy keeper — doesn’t NEED grain but currently gets Purina Strategy
  • Her favorite treats are peppermint flavored treats (but not actual peppermints — she spits those out!) and carrots!
  • Stays fat and shiny on just grass hay!
  • Very fit and has been ridden all winter, but rides the same if she sits for a while, too
  • She is fine left out in the pasture 24/7 or stalled! Sometimes when she’s first put into her stall she might call to her buddies but she settles in pretty quick. She has been stalled at night in recent months.
  • Stands for vet, farrier, clipping, grooming
  • She used to get very impatient while she was tied up and would paw a lot, but I have worked on this with her extensively over the last year and have tied her up all over our farm as well as to the trailer at events and she is much more patient now. 🙂 She has always seemed to prefer cross ties more than any other method of tying, but either way, she stands tied well now pretty much any way or anywhere!
  • Rides western or English
  • Great with cows — have taken her cow sorting at OutWest Arena
  • Rides great for kids, adults, and UNICORNS
  • Rides in a plain 3-piece snaffle
  • Rides bridleless with a neck rope
  • NO spook, rear, or buck
  • Loads in a trailer great and with zero hesitation
  • Stands tied to the trailer
  • Stands great in cross ties
  • Very responsive to leg cues
  • Side passes
  • Cute turnaround
  • Backs great
  • Great stop
  • Carries a flag
  • Goes over, under, or through anything you point her at
  • LOVES attention and affection!
  • Very willing and wants to please
  • Very low key when she is in heat; doesn’t act like a typical mare
  • Not a dead head, push-style horse — doesn’t take much to get her moving but she is very obedient and well trained
  • Has been ridden at busy events, like Skijoring at Canterbury Park
  • Has a gorgeous slow pleasure trot but can also pick up the pace when asked
  • Great out on trails alone or in a group
  • Was ridden in horse camps during the 2019 summer/fall season in the arena and on the trails
  • Very fancy and could excel in any arena
  • Well exposed to guns, 4-wheelers, skidsteers, tractors, tarps, water, cows, pigs, goats, chickens, ducks, dogs, cats, and loud, crazy kids!
  • Has gone cow sorting, been to shows, and been at events
  • Safe for beginners
  • Has been ridden in beginner level children’s jumping lessons — I think she LOVES to jump!! She has never hesitated to go over a jump!
  • EXTREMELY easy to teach and fun to work with
  • Very eager to please
  • Will be used in a busy program for horse camps and riding lessons until the day of the sale
Frankie’s APHA/AQHA side goes back to this stud, Mr Norfleet.
Frankie’s Arabian side goes back to Bask and Khemosabi.
Khemosabi is on Frankie’s papers.

Located in Buffalo, MN — but shipping can be arranged anywhere!

She sells at the Twin Cities Appaloosa, Paint, & Quarter Horse Catalog Sale on April 4th!! If you can’t be there in person, set up phone bids with Simon Horse Company by calling 507-263-4200. Come see her the day of the sale!

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