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Attending Shows with the Enchanted Hollow Stables Team

We have had a lot of inquiries from lesson students and parents about attending competitions with our lesson horses. We are always trying to figure out new ways to expand our program so that our riders can continue to further their riding education and accomplish new goals. Therefore, this is definitely something that we have thought about for a long time!

Before we get into all the information about attending shows off of our property, I do want to mention that we plan to host a couple of schooling shows at home starting with the 2020 season so that our lesson students can practice in a competitive atmosphere but without leaving the farm. Costs for this will be less than the fees for traveling off the farm since there is far less liability, wear/tear on our trailer and equipment, and it’ll just be easier in general! We will keep students updated on any schooling shows that are planned once the weather warms up because we plan to have them in the outdoor arena.

We have decided to offer the opportunity for regular riders at Enchanted Hollow Stables to attend shows while riding our horses. There are opportunities to compete in both Western and English disciplines, with an emphasis on WSCA competitions (gaming events or pleasure) and jumping schooling shows. Riders can only be eligible to attend shows with us if:

  • They ride in at least 4 lessons per month at Enchanted Hollow Stables. This is to ensure that they will be well-practiced and well prepared for a competition in whichever discipline they are focusing on.
  • They have been approved for eligibility for attending a show by Mary and Sam Sansevere. With Mary being the barn owner and Sam being the head riding instructor, they both know the horses and riders the best and will need to determine if the pair is prepared to have a positive experience at a competition.

The fees for attending an off-site competition with an Enchanted Hollow Stables horse are all-inclusive (aside from office and class fees at the show for each individual) and the services covered by the fees include the following:

  • Coaching/instructing/tacking for the day. We will handle everything so that the friends and family of the rider get to just enjoy the day and cheering on their rider! We will coach them throughout the day and during their classes just like we do during lessons and horse camps. We will also help them tack up and groom if necessary.
  • Use of an Enchanted Hollow Stables horse. For leasers, half-leasers, and non-leasers. We can also transport and coach riders that own their own horses and board them at Enchanted Hollow Stables.
  • Help to prep the Enchanted Hollow Stables horse for the competition. Usually, the horse will need to be groomed, bathed, and stalled the night before a competition. We definitely recommend that the rider join us for this portion because it’s a huge and really fun part of the process, but we will help them with any step that they might need help with!
  • Transport of the horse to the competition. This covers gas as well as wear and tear on the vehicle. If the competition is more than 50 miles away, an additional fee may be incurred.
  • The option to use Enchanted Hollow Stables tack for the day. Some of our riders have their own tack that they are welcome to use, but we do provide the option to use any of our tack. Specific tack is reserved on a first-come, first-serve basis but ultimately is at the discretion of Sam or Mary because some saddles, bridles, etc. will be more appropriate for each specific horse or rider depending upon the discipline.

A non-leaser is any rider that will not be competing with a horse that they own and does not currently have an active lease or half-lease on any Enchanted Hollow Stables horse.

Pricing for the services listed above is as follows:

  • $250 for a 1-Day Show for Non-Leasers
  • $200 for a 1-Day Show for Half-Leasers
  • $150 for a 1-Day Show for Full Leasers or riders that will be competing on a horse that they own

Office fees and class fees are NOT covered by Enchanted Hollow Stables through the fees laid out above. Those show fees are necessary in order to actually compete once you are at the competition. They are not covered in our fees laid out above because each show varies in cost for classes, and not every rider will choose to compete in every class while others might. These particular costs will vary depending on the particular show we are attending, but for an idea of what to expect, most WSCA shows charge somewhere around $5 for an initial office fee and $5 per class.

At this time we do not have plans for offering rates for multi-day shows that require an overnight stay for the horse, but if a show like that is something that we end up planning for with some riders we will adjust fees accordingly for that particular situation.

As of March 2020, we are currently looking over the calendar for the year and figuring out a competition schedule. If you would like to inquire about attending a show with us this year and/or have an idea for a specific competition you’d like to attend, you can shoot Sam or Mary a text, call, or e-mail ( at any time.

Enchanted Hollow Stables reserves the right to change any of the fees or terms outlined above at their discretion and at any time.

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Join the Enchanted Hollow Stables Saddle Club for discounts, free lessons, and more!

This post was updated on May 21st, 2020 to reflect changes that have occurred due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Over the past couple years, we’ve seen a really great sense of community and friendship develop at the barn. A lot of the riders that have become good friends through riding at the barn started calling themselves the “Pony Club,” and thus, the idea to start an official organized “Saddle Club” with a variety of benefits was born!

A membership with the Enchanted Hollow Stables Saddle Club includes the following:

  • WSCA Saddle Club Membership – This membership to the official WSCA “Enchanted Hollow Riding & Driving Club” allows you to be eligible to qualify for the WSCA championship show through competition at local WSCA shows in pleasure riding (English and Western) and western gaming. This is valid for 2020 only. ($50 value)
    • COVID-19 NOTE: At this time (as of May 21, 2020) WSCA shows have all been cancelled. We will be organizing schooling shows at the farm to make up for those missed opportunities! Anyone is eligible to participate in schooling shows at the farm but Saddle Club members will receive priority preference when being assigned specific horses.
    • This does not apply to anyone registered for the Saddle Club after May 2020 due to WSCA membership deadlines.
  • One (1) free riding lesson the month of the member’s birthday in the year 2020. If your birthday falls in a winter month with temperatures too cold to ride in, it can be carried over into a warmer month. If you join the saddle club after your birthday month has passed, it can be redeemed at a different time as well. ($40 value)
  • $10 off regularly priced Enchanted Hollow Stables 2020 horse camps – text Sam or Mary for the discount code to use at checkout on the website
  • Eligibility to participate in Saddle Club Days and Weeks. Saddle Club Days are opportunities for veteran riders of our program to join us at the farm for the day and help with different chores, tasks, and projects before they have an opportunity to ride later in the day. The riders will have a list of tasks that must be completed before riding activities occur. It’s similar to a horse camp, and they are still supervised by an instructor, but it is less structured, allows for more independence, and the riders are trusted with more responsibilities. It is essentially a horse camp day but for our advanced riders. This is a cost efficient way for some of our most dedicated riders to enjoy the horses while also being able to contribute and help at the farm that they love.
    • Cost for a Saddle Club Day is only $45. Compare to a one hour lesson at $40 or a one day horse camp which is $95! Typically they will go from 10am to 3pm, but these times may vary.
    • Cost of a Saddle Club Week is only $150 for Monday-Thursday or only $200 for Monday-Friday! These will typically go from 10am-3pm. Due to busy horse camp schedules during the main riding season, it’ll be tough to get these on the schedule, but we will when we can!
    • Participation in Saddle Club Days can also be earned by helping at horse camps as a Camp Leader! Ask Sam or Mary for more info on becoming a Camp Leader.
    • Since they will be expected to help with various tasks around the farm and will operate a little more independently in terms of saddling and riding than during a typical lesson or horse camp, we do ask that riders that participate in Saddle Club Days are at least 10 and have approval from Sam or Mary to participate.
    • In order to join the saddle club you must be able to saddle and bridle a horse independently.
    • Saddle Club Days/Weeks will not be publicly posted on our website, since they are not a service available to the public. They will be organized privately and posted in our Enchanted Hollow Stables Barn Family Private Facebook Group. If you’d like to request that we organize a Saddle Club Day on a specific date that hasn’t been offered, feel free to message Sam or Mary!

Please note that a 2020 Saddle Club Membership is valid until January 1st, 2021.

You must be pre-approved to join the Saddle Club by Sam or Mary. Generally, we ask that you have ridden with us for at least one year before joining the saddle club, but this is at Mary and Sam’s discretion.

Please contact Mary and Sam about joining the saddle club. We no longer allow people to join and pay online.

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Homemade Horse Treats Honoring Bud

Some of our lesson students have been asking how they can help or what they can do to show their respect after our lesson horse Bud’s passing. One thing we are suggesting they could do is make homemade horse treats for the other two horses in Bud’s herd of “old guys,” Chester and Destiny.

Chester and Destiny also escaped from their pasture and were right by Bud when he was hit by a car. These three horses have been together for years and it is very clear to us that Chester and Destiny understand that their friend was hurt and is no longer with us, and they have really been impacted by this terrible tragedy. They have been spending a lot of time in their shelter, and since Bud’s death they haven’t seemed interested in going out into their field to graze. They seem sluggish and sad. They need our love and affection as they adjust to not only losing Bud, but also their fellow herdmate Biscuit just a few weeks ago as well.

Bud’s friend, Destiny.

Bud’s friend, Chester.

By making them some homemade horse treats, you can brighten their day as well as give yourself or your child something to do that you know will help make a positive impact on two horses that were very close to Bud, thus helping both you and his friends. It is a productive and therapeutic  way to pay your respect to Bud’s memory.

Please note, we suggest some modification to any horse treat recipe to make them as soft as possible. Both Chester and Destiny are senior horses (late 20s) that have lost a lot of teeth over the years, so they need soft foods. 

You can come to the farm to bring any homemade treats and feed them to these sweet old horses, or if you live far away, you can also mail them and we will be happy to take a video of us giving them to Chester and Destiny. They will really appreciate the affection and tasty treats.

For inspiration, we found this easy recipe on

The Ultimate Horse Cookie Recipe


  • 1 carrot
  • 1 apple
  • 1/2 cup molasses (or honey)
  • 2 cups oats
  • 1/2-3/4 cup flour (or make oat flour by throwing some oats into a blender/food processor)
  • 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil or coconut oil
  • 1 tablespoon water (optional)


  • Preheat oven to 300-325 degrees
  • Grate the carrot and finely chop the apple
  • Mix together all of the ingredients. Please keep in mind that depending on variations such as: the size/type ofapple, what kind of oats you use (rolled or steel-cut oats don’t absorb as much moisture as quickly as quick oats), whether you use honey or molasses, etc. you may need to tweak the amounts of the ingredients. You should be able to squeeze a ball of dough in your hand and it shouldn’t fall apart.)
  • Roll and press into balls with your hands and place on a greased baking sheet. If dough is too sticky add more flour and/or water
  • Bake for about 28-32 minutes on the middle rack, checking on them often, until golden brown
  • Cool and store in a sealed container and use within a week. They’ll stay the freshest stored in the fridge
Tip: Cut the batch in half for less cookies. A full batch makes about 24 cookies depending on the size you make them.

Bonus Tip: Some readers swear by blending all the ingredients together in a blender/food processor before cooking. I don’t do this but if you try this let me know if you prefer this method in the comments below!

Bonus Bonus Tip: These treats can be enjoyed by humans and dogs too!

The Good Stuff

Now here’s the fun part. Consider the above your base recipes, perfectly fine on their own but even better when you add one or more of the following:

  • Low sugar: Use cooked sweet potato instead of apples, and a little flaxseed and egg instead of molasses
  • Reader favorite: Peppermints – crushed and added to the dough or place a whole one on top (perfect for the holidays)
  • Raisins
  • Add chopped up dates in the dough
  • Add some bran
  • A few coconut flakes on top
  • Sugar cubes (go easy here – too much sugar isn’t good for your horses health or figure!)
  • Blackberries
  • Banana can be used as a substitute for the apple
  • Reader favorite: Applesauce (try replacing part of the molasses with applesauce to lower the sugar, or if you can use in place of the apple)