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How to Support Our Riding School during the COVID-19 Outbreak

Chester, our precious 31-year-old lesson horse, can eat only soaked hay cubes and mash.

There are a lot of changes and closures happening around the country, including our very own riding program suspending regularly scheduled riding lessons for the rest of the month. For the time being we will be unable to conduct our regular business operations. Just like many industries and individuals that will be feeling the economical and financial impact of the COVID-19 outbreak, Enchanted Hollow Stables is definitely expecting to have a tough couple of months! Every business will go through some hardships during this time. Every individual will, too.

Even when we aren’t able to conduct our business, our horses still need to eat. With over 50 horses on the property, they eat A LOT! We are admittedly a bit worried about whether the feed supply stores will have enough grain or forage in stock within a few weeks due to production being slowed by this novel coronavirus outbreak, so we are working to stockpile as much grain and forage as possible right now.

Most of our beloved riding lesson horses are seniors that were rescued and rehabbed before being integrated into our program. They have special dietary needs that include supplements, senior grain, and hay cubes — some of them can’t eat traditional hay and rely completely on hay cubes and soaked mashes.

Chance is a 27-year-old lesson horse that we rescued a couple of years ago. He requires alfalfa cubes and senior grain to supplement his diet and keep him feeling his best!

We will be trying to stock up on all the hay cubes and grain we will need to get through a couple of months to ensure that our horses will remain fed during this time. Being unable to conduct our regular business activities heading into a season when things usually start to really pick up will be a struggle!

We know that our struggle is not unique. Small businesses across the country are struggling right now. Individuals unable to work are, too! This is a tough time for everyone, and we absolutely understand that. But for anyone interested in knowing how they can support our small business aside from riding lessons, we thought that we would put together a post like this with a few ideas!

Despite being unable to stick to our regular riding lesson schedule, there are other ways that you can support our farm and help keep us operating through this tough time. Check out some of the things you can do!

Register for a horse camp!

We are expecting to be able to return to regular functions by the time that our Summer 2020 horse camp season begins. Please consider registering for one of our horse camps in June, July or August! Check out our horse camps page for more information on registering.

Buy a key chain that looks like your favorite lesson horse, or an adorable unicorn!

These key chains are adorable and look great on a set of keys, backpack, helmet bag, hanging on the wall, or anything else you want to clip them to! All of these keychains are made in Buffalo, MN, so you are truly supporting small local businesses by purchasing. See more options on our Keychains for a Cause page!

Lease a horse!

If you are a current riding lesson student at Enchanted Hollow Stables, consider leasing or half-leasing your favorite horse. At this time, our riding lesson program is on hiatus but we are still allowing boarders and leasers out at the barn to ride, so this also offers an opportunity to continue riding through this time. Contact Mary and Sam at to inquire!


For those that want to help but don’t necessarily want a product or to register for a horse camp. These donations are NOT tax-exempt, but they do benefit adorable old lesson horses! Donate via PayPal by clicking this link:

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Thank you, and please, stay healthy!