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T-Shirt Design Contest

During our very first Enchanted Hollow Stables ZOOM party last week, we announced that we are doing a T-shirt design contest! Here are all the details:

  • Draw ANYTHING related to Enchanted Hollow Stables! It could be your favorite lesson horse, the goats, the chickens, Pig Newton the Potbelly Pig, your favorite spot on the farm, the barn, all your friends… ANYTHING!
  • There is no limit to how many entries you can do. Send one drawing, or send ten!
  • Anyone can submit drawings! You do not need to be a past, present, or even future rider at EHS to enter. You can be anyone, anywhere, and any age!
  • All drawings will be printed and hung up in the barn – whether they are selected to be printed on a t-shirt or not!
  • The winner(s) will be digitized and printed on Enchanted Hollow Stables t-shirts.
  • We may pick multiple designs, and have multiple different t-shirts. So there’s a chance for multiple winners!
  • Can be colored or not. You can either color in your drawing, or just send a line drawing!
  • If your drawing is selected to be put on a t-shirt, you will get a FREE t-shirt with your drawing on it.
  • You can submit your drawings via text, email (, or mail them to EHS. Our business’s address is located at the bottom of this page.
  • Please submit by Sunday, May 24th.
We love our riders here at Enchanted Hollow Stables, and what better way to represent our barn family here at Enchanted Hollow Stables than by wearing t-shirts designed by our riders, for our riders?

We did have a few kids on the ZOOM call express that they don’t think they are good enough at drawing. I disagreed, because I’m sure they’re great drawers, but I also told them. that ANYONE who wants to submit a drawing can and should, and not worry about whether or not they think they are a good drawer — because any drawing is going to be treasured here!!

But, in case someone doesn’t feel comfortable drawing something original, I would still love to receive a drawing from them! So, as an alternative option, they can mail us a coloring page that they color to look like their favorite lesson horse. These coloring pages can be mailed to us at any time, or brought to us once lessons and camps resume. We will hang them all over the barn!

As with the t-shirt contest, you do NOT need to be a current, former, or future lesson student with us. ANYONE can submit a drawing or coloring page and we will proudly hang them in the barn!

Here are some links to websites with great printable coloring pages:

Here is our business address for anyone to mail their drawings or colorings to us to be hung in the barn and potentially used in a t-shirt design:

5164 County Road 33 SE

Buffalo, MN