Adopt-a-Horse Program

About the Adopt-a-Horse Program

The Adopt-a-Horse program allows you to support the important work of the Enchanted Hollow Foundation by symbolically adopting your favorite individual Enchanted Hollow horse, legacy animal, or herd in our care.

The horses eligible for adoption in our Adopt-a-Horse program are permanent residents at Enchanted Hollow Stables and have special medical needs or specialized feeding programs necessary to sustain adequate quality of life. We have always opened our hearts and stables to horses that require individualized special care, but unfortunately, that can be very expensive. To feed just one senior horse soaked hay cubes, grain, and supplements it can cost up to $14 per day or more! In order to support our efforts to provide the best care possible for as many horses in need as possible, we have established the Adopt-a-Horse program as part of the Enchanted Hollow Foundation.

Thank you so much for considering participating in our Adopt-a-Horse program!


Below are horses eligible for our symbolic Adopt-a-Horse program. This list may change and have horses added to it at any time, so be sure to check back often!

Coming Soon!

We will be adding to this list soon! We will provide names and descriptions of each eligible horse here.

Legacy Animal

Part of what makes our program so special is not only the incredible horses that are part of the EHF family but also the many other animals of different species that have called Enchanted Hollow home over the years, too. While our main focus is on horses, we feel it is also important to give the opportunity for someone to honor the legacy of the other animals (horses and others!) that have been a part of the family but are no longer with us here on earth.

Below are horses and other animals that are eligible for a symbolic legacy adoption.

Coming Soon!

We will be adding to this list soon! We will provide names and descriptions of each eligible animal here.


We provide homes for a variety of different breeds and herds – senior horses over 25 years old, ex-racehorses, miniature horses, and more. Each herd has different needs. You can choose to support a specific group of horses rather than one individual animal.

Below are different herds eligible for a symbolic adoption.

Coming Soon!

We will be adding to this list soon! We will provide names and descriptions of each eligible herd here.


$125 or $12 per month

• A 1-year membership to the
Enchanted Hollow Foundation

• A personalized Certificate of

• A biography of the horse you’ve adopted

• A 4 x 6 color photo if your adopted horse

• Bi-annual updates about your adopted animal (spring and fall)

• An annual subscription to
our newsletter

Trail Rider
$250 or $25 per month

• Includes all Adopt-A-Horse benefits listed above

• Free trail ride for two people in the spring or fall (weather permitting) at Enchanted Hollow Stables

Barn Family
$500 or $45 per month

• Includes all Trail Rider
benefits listed above

• Invitation to “Dine with the
Barn Family” (the Sanseveres and other EHF board members) in the beautiful hay loft at Enchanted Hollow Stables

• A special gift for the board of EHF.

All adoptions are renewable annually, or you may choose to adopt another animal or herd on the anniversary of your adoption.

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