Riding Lesson Scheduling

If you are trying to schedule a riding lesson with us, you are in the right place!

Beginning with the 2022 season, we have implemented a new and EASY way to schedule riding lessons with us! Our business has grown so much in the last few years, and with that growth it has been a challenge for us to keep up with the demand sometimes. It is a problem that we are SO blessed and lucky to have – because it really is an honor that so many folks want to ride with us! So, to make it easier for you and easier for us, we have upgraded our lesson scheduling system! You’ll want to save and bookmark this page, because from here you are able to schedule and pay for your riding lessons. Yay technology!

We offer several great options that you can schedule with us!

Western Riding

Our main focus is general western riding, with an emphasis on barrel racing, western gaming, and good horsemanship in the arena and out on the trails.

English Riding

While not the main focus at our facility, we are proud to partner with excellent trainers that have extensive experience competing in jumping and dressage so that we can offer great learning opportunities in all disciplines!

Trail Rides

With our own private trails and fields right here at Enchanted Hollow Stables, we love taking folks out for a ride to enjoy them! We offer trail rides for all ages and experience levels. Click here if you are interested in booking a trail ride!


We offer lessons and classes on good horsemanship from the ground so that you can have a better understanding of how to communicate with a horse and how to understand them better when they are trying to communicate with you.

If you are looking for horse camps, click here! Registration for horse camps has not changed and is done in a different way than lessons, classes, and trail rides.

Frequently Asked Questions

What age range are your lessons for?

We work with riders of all ages and we are proud to accommodate even the youngest little riders! The vast majority of our riders are children or teens under the age of 18, with most of them being in the 8-14 range. We will work with very young kids as long as they are old enough to be potty trained, but we do recommend private lessons (or semi-private if they have family members that also want to ride) or Little Kid Camps if they are under the age of 5 or younger until they are able to ride independently at the walk and trot while demonstrating full control in steering and stopping. We do occasionally offer Adult Only classes, lessons, and trail rides for those over the age of 18 that would prefer to ride with other individuals around their same age. When booking a group lesson, if you prefer to only ride with other adults be sure that it says “Adult Only.” Or, you could even book a private lesson or trail ride for a more one-on-one experience! 

What are the differences between a private lesson, semi-private lesson, a group lesson, a class, and a camp?

A private lesson is for one-on-one instruction for a single rider. Semi-private is for one to four riders from the same family or friend group that want a smaller group experience or require flexibility in booking. Group lessons are for 4+ riders and are done in a group setting on a set weekly schedule. Classes are for 10+ riders and are done in a larger group setting, and are typically longer than a standard group lesson. Camps are full days at the farm, typically for several days in a row. Camps and classes are our most popular services, and often fill up 6+ months in advance! You can learn more about our camps and register by clicking here!

I haven’t ridden at your barn yet. What is my first step?

We require all new riders to join us for a Private Introductory Riding Lesson before joining a group lesson (This is not required for riders that are signing up for a horse camp or class, or for riders that have already participated in a horse camp or class). This allows us to get to know you and for you to get to know us! It’s a great opportunity for us to help you get comfortable around our horses, facility, and staff. It also gives you a good start on your basic horsemanship and riding skills – or, if you already have riding experience, it allows us to assess your riding ability so that we can recommend the best next-step for you in your riding journey with us.
This one-on-one time also gives us a chance to figure out if we are the best riding school to help you meet your goals, and if we are not, that’s okay! We are very happy to recommend other riding schools or instructors in the area that we trust and that we feel may be better suited for helping you achieve everything you want to! We love supporting other businesses and professionals in our industry.
I also recommend going to our “What to Know” page to find our waiver and other important information.

My child has ridden at one of your horse camps or classes already, and wants to get into regular weekly lessons. How can we do that?

First of all… We are so happy to hear that they had so much fun that they want to ride with us more! You can scroll down and book into one of our group lessons/classes right on this page. It’s easier than ever! If your child has ridden with us before in a camp or class, they can skip having an Introductory Riding Lesson or Class.

Can we sign up for biweekly lessons, or only weekly?

Yes, but we strongly recommend taking riding lessons at least once per week!
We recommend riding at least once per week because in our experience it is nearly impossible for riders to advance in their skills when they ride biweekly. When students ride only once every other week, they end up spending half of the lesson trying to review and remember what they had worked on two weeks prior. This makes it very difficult for them to learn and advance in their skills. For these reasons, we strongly recommend committing to riding lessons at least once per week when possible. Some riders even do lessons up to three or four times per week!
Think about it this way… Riding once a week for a year is 52 hours of riding per year (not including off-time for inclement weather and holidays and sick days, which are a given and would likely reduce it to closer to 40 hours a year). Riding every other week is 26 hours of lessons per year. Take a few away for weather, holidays, and sick days and you are probably looking at closer to 20 hours of riding per year. It is hard to advance in any skill that you only spend 20 hours per year working on!

What do I need to bring to my first lesson, and what should I wear?

When you come to your first lesson, you must bring a printed and signed waiver. They are required to participate in any activities. You can find our waiver by clicking here. We also ask riders to dress according to these standards:

Helmet: We require all students to wear an ASTM/SEI Certified Helmet. These can be purchased online or at local a Tractor Supply, Fleet Farm, Runnings, Dover Saddlery, or Country Store. We prefer the helmets that have an adjustable dial on the backside, especially for growing children.
Shoes: Must wear a shoe with a hard sole and a heel (even if it is a small one). This means no tennis shoes, flats, slippers, or sandals. Cowboy boots or paddock books work best, but any shoe with a hard sole and a defined heel will work. Hard soles offer more stability and safety when balancing in the stirrups of a saddle, and a heel helps to prevent a shoe from slipping fully through the front of the stirrup.
Pants: Must wear long pants to ride. Wearing shorts or capris can cause chafing against the saddle.

We are not very strict on attire beyond those three safety requirements. We want everyone to be comfortable at our barn and when they ride, so we don’t have a dress code outiside of the safety necessities!

If you are interested in booking any kind of lesson, click here or schedule them below!

You can also download the “Acuity Scheduling Client” app in the app store on your mobile phone, add our business by clicking the + sign and typing “EnchantedHollow.as.me,” and book your lessons conveniently from your phone! This method is preferred by most of our clients that do a lot of their scheduling via their phone while they are on the go.

By using our online scheduling tool, you can easily book lessons with us as well as reschedule, cancel, or make other changes. All conveniently from your phone or computer — instantly!

Group Lessons

We have a regular recurring weekly schedule of riding lessons and classes. After you have completed an Introductory Riding Lesson and have consulted with us on which group lesson is the best one for you, you can book your weekly group lessons here!

If you are one of our regular students, this is where you can book your lessons from now on. It makes it an easy process for you to sign up for more lessons, adjust lesson times, or take a break!

We highly recommend selecting “View Products and Packages” for our regular riders because it will allow you to set up a monthly subscription to our weekly riding lesson groups. This is the easiest way to pay for lessons and it will secure your spot in our groups!

Introductory Lessons

All new students are required to do a private introductory lesson before joining in to our group lessons.

Private Riding Lessons

We have some limited availability for private riding lessons for those seeking one-on-one instruction.