The Sansevere Family


Enchanted Hollow is owned and operated by Bob and Mary Sansevere with help from their children, Samantha, Sawyer, Spencer, Shane and Sienna. 

A horse owner since childhood, Mary is a former Mrs. Minnesota-America who was a Minnesota Vikings cheerleader as well as the director of the Minnesota Timberwolves Performance Team. Mary’s passion for miniatures began after she suffered a work-related neck injury and didn’t know if she would be able to ride full-size horses again. Mary won jumping and driving classes at both the 2013 AMHR Nationals and 2013 Shetland Congress, giving her more than 30 national titles. Mary won both the Classic Shetland and ASPR Pleasure Driving Grand National Championships at the 2010 Shetland Congress, and had five overall National titles at the event in Ardmore, OK. Mary won Ladies Roadster, Over, and Amateur Park Harness, Under and Over, at the 2010 AMHR Nationals.

Samantha, 22, has won a total of 36 National Championships and one World championship. She closed out her Youth career with six National Championships in 2013 — five at AMHR Nationals and one at Shetland Congress. Samantha, who attends college, produces several podcasts and is the producer of the morning radio show Justice & Drew on Twin Cities News Talk  AM1130/103.5fm.

When she was in high school, Samantha wrote a weekly column about high school sports for Fox Sports North. When she wasn’t focusing on journalism and editing her on-camera interviews, Samantha focused heavily on her AMHR and ASPC youth career.

Swon Youth Jumper Under and Youth Park Harness Under with Classique’s Phantom Gold at the 2011 AMHR Nationals, and won three national titles at the 2011 Shetland Congress, including Classic Open Hunter. Samantha won Classic Youth Pleasure Driving with Larch Acres Zebulon at the 2010 Shetland Congress and, along with Corey Luchetta, won a National title in the ASPR Halter Mare division. She won Youth Jumper Over with Rumor for the second year in a row at the 2008 AMHR Nationals and won Fancy Turnout with Taylor Prince for the fourth straight year in 2010. Samantha won the Reserve National title and also was third at the 2009 AMHR Nationals in Youth Jumper Under, and was Reserve National champion in Youth Park Harness Under. At the 2008 AMHR Nationals, she won the Reserve National title in Pleasure Driving Over. She also received two prestigious awards from the 2008 show season — the Sarah Tennant Memorial Youth Jumper Division B award, which she and Rumor won for the third year in a row, and the 2008 AMHR Youth Horse of the Year award in the B Division, which she won with Dutch. Samantha won four national titles at the 2007 AMHR Nationals — Youth Jumper Over, Youth Roadster, Youth Country Pleasure and, with Taylor Prince, Fancy Turnout. Samantha won Reserve National titles at the 2006 AMHR Nationals in Youth Hunter Over and 12-Under Roadster. She also won two Reserve National titles at the 2005 AMHR Nationals. At the 2009 Shetland Congress, Samantha was the Reserve National Grand Champion in Classic Roadster Stakes Under. In the fall of 2010, Samantha began contributing high school-related web essays for

She also has competed on the local level in dressage, hunter/jumper, Western gaming and barrel racing.

Another passion of Samantha’s is buying, training, and selling kid safe children’s riding minis, ponies, and horses. You can find more information on the ponies she trains and sells by clicking here.


Sawyer, 20, graduated from Buffalo High School and is attending St. Cloud Technical College. He was member of Buffalo High School’s championship trap shooting team and is an avid shooter. In his first year as an amateur exhibitor, Sawyer won Classic Adult Jumper and Classic Amateur Jumper at the 2016 Shetland Congress, continuing a streak of wins dating to the 2015 AMHR Nationals when he went 1-2-3 in Youth Jumper Under and won Youth Jumper Over in the 13-17 age division.

He won Youth Roadster Over with Enchanted Hollow King Zebulon in the 13-17 age group — his first year in that division — at the 2011 AMHR Nationals and again in 2013. He won the Open Hunter National championship for the second year in a row at the 2010 Shetland Congress with D&S Double Dutch Chocolate, where he also was the National champion in Classic Roadster, Youth, with Larch Acres Zebulon.

Sawyer won four National championships at the 2009 AMHR Nationals and three at the 2010 AMHR Nationals. In ’09. he won both the Under and Over classes in the 8-12 Roadster divisions, and also had national titles in Youth Jumper Under and Youth Park Harness Over. In ’10, he won Pleasure Driving and Roadster Over youth classes, and also went 1-2 in Youth Jumper in the 8-12 division. He won the 2008 AMHR Nationals Country Pleasure Driving Over National title. Sawyer won the 2007 AMHR Nationals Youth Hunter Over national title with Magic and had several top five and top 10 finishes at the 2005, 2006 and 2007 AMHR Nationals. Sawyer was the 2009 Junior Ambassador at AMHR Nationals. In his final year as a Youth at AMHR Nationals, he went 1-2-3 in Youth Jumper Under, finished first and fourth in Youth Jumper Over and won Youth Park Harness Over.



Spencer, 15, is a sophomore at Buffalo High School. He won Classic Youth Roadster in the 13-17 age division at the 2016 Shetland Congress with Larch Acres Zebulon (aka Enchanted Hollow King Zebulon as a mini) and won Foundation Classic Youth Roadster with D&S Double Dutch Chocolate.

Spencer won Youth Roadster in the 8-12 age group with Zeb at the 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2015 AMHR Nationals. The youngest exhibitor in the class, he won the Classic Roadster Youth class at the 2013 Shetland Congress.

He won the 2010 Shetland Congress National championship in ASPR Pleasure Driving, Youth, with Enchanted Hollow King Zebulon, and followed that up by winning Youth Pleasure Driving with Zeb in the 7-Under age division at AMHR Nationals. Spencer won national titles in Youth Pleasure Under and Over classes three years in a row at AMHR Nationals (2007-08-09). And, in his AMHR Nationals debut in 2006 at the age of 4, he had two reserve national titles in driving classes. In his final season in the 12-Under division, Spencer won three national championships and had four reserve national titles.


Shane, 11, is in the sixth grade in Buffalo. He won four national titles at the 2016 Shetland Congress, including Hunter and Roadster championships.

Showing his versatility as an exhibitor, he won a halter class at the 2013 AMHR Nationals. He won Youth Pleasure Driving in the 7-Under age group at the 2011 AMHR Nationals, and won three national titles at the 2011 Shetland Congress. Shane was the 2010 Shetland Congress Reserve National Champion in Classic Leading Rein. At the 2010 AMHR Nationals, he finished third in the Youth Pleasure Driving, Over, class won by his older brother, Spencer, and he also received an ovation from the crowd when he was the youngest competitor to complete the Youth Hunter class. He made his AMHR Nationals debut in 2009 and had several top five and top 10 finishes. He made his show debut in Sioux Falls, S.D., in May 2009 and finished with second-place ribbon in Youth Halter, beating at least two teenagers in the class. Shane was the helper in the Shetland Classic Liberty class at Shetland Congress when he was two years old.


Sienna, 7, is undefeated in riding classes at the ASPC Congress. She won two National Championships in 2015 riding Larch Acres Zebulon, and three National Championships in 2016 riding Onekas Silver Streak. She also won Youth Fancy Turnout with her big sister, Samantha, at the 2013 AMHR Nationals and finished second with older brother Sawyer in 2015. And Sienna is the only member of the Sansevere family to win a national championship in more than showing horses. As a member of the Vikings’ cheerleaders’ Sparkle team, she and her teammates won two national titles in cheer (pictured above after the first championship win, she is the second one from the right in the bottom row).