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Saddle Club & Study Time: An Option for the 2020 School Year

We are considering the opportunity for parents and riders to have their child join us at Enchanted Hollow Stables during the school day if they are choosing to do distance learning, homeschooling, or even the hybrid learning method. These opportunities can be scheduled on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. They can come to the farm at regular school day times, complete online schoolwork, earn important life skills caring for animals at the farm, and ride under our supervision and instruction. 

Our family successfully  homeschooled for several years and we understand the challenges that parents face. The owner of Enchanted Hollow Stables was a homeschool parent for many years. Her two oldest children were homeschooled for the majority of their childhood. Samantha our barn manager and head riding instructor was homeschooled through high school.

One of the biggest concerns we had was making sure our children socializing with other children their age. Enchanted Hollow Stables is offering this opportunity for homeschooled, hybrid and distance learning students to have that chance to socialize, spend time outdoors on a farm and be around horses and our other animals in addition to study and homework time.

This is an excellent and flexible option for parents concerned about child care, a steady routine, and social interaction for their child.

Options & Pricing Information

One Day at a Time

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Any Week Day

If you’d prefer to only commit to 1 day at a time!

Per Week

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Schedule and commit to just one week at a time!

Per month

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A steady and regular monthly commitment!

We have had an amazing 2020 riding season with more horse camps, lessons, classes than ever before. It has been such a wonderful summer, and we’ve been honored to be able to provide the experiences that we do at Enchanted Hollow Stables.

We have been dreading the start of the school year because we are going to miss seeing our riders and Saddle Club members so often! With members of the Sansevere family still being in school as well, we personally know how tough (and lonely) it can be to adjust to distance learning, hybrid learning, or homeschooling.

We understand the challenges and complexities that families are facing with homeschooling, hybrid learning and distance learning. Openings are limited to ensure we can adhere to all social distancing guidelines.

These are uncertain times and things can always change, but we wanted to send out information about the possibility of this option. We see this as a great opportunity to continue providing our riders with a steady and supportive environment to thrive in!

Friends: Social interaction is important! They can be with other hard-working horse-loving friends every day!
School Work: It can be a struggle to adjust to distance learning, hybrid learning, or homeschooling. At EHS, they can get help from adults & each other, and will have access to WiFi to do their school work at the appropriate time.
Riding: They will have opportunities for riding lessons, trail rides, and more so that they can continue building their riding skills!
Farm Life: They can learn about what it takes to keep a farm running as well as learn important life skills you can only get in this kind of atmosphere! We’ve got animals ranging from ponies to goats to pigs and more — there’s always lots to learn!

For the months before temperatures get too cold (around November), we will be able to provide this opportunity at Enchanted Hollow Stables. In that time before winter hits, we will be working to insulate, heat, and remodel more parts of our facility so that we can continue through the ENTIRE winter and school year!

We are so excited to be considering this idea, which we’re calling Saddle Club & Study Time!

Saddle Club & Study Time Application

Please fill out the form below to express your interest in this program and to get on a waitlist for more information.

Please keep in mind that this isn’t a guarantee that the program will move forward — we need to achieve a minimum number of interested/committed students in order to officially plan for it. This was posted on August 14th, 2020 and we will give it a few days for people to consider and apply before we will get in touch about it potentially moving forward.