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Winter Riding Policy for Enchanted Hollow Stables

Here at Enchanted Hollow Stables, we are blessed with a 44-stall barn, indoor arena, indoor round pen in a separate shed, an outdoor arena, an outdoor round pen, fields, and trails. We are thankful for what we have and for the program that we are able to operate from our facility.

That being said, we don’t have a heated or insulated riding space. Being located in Minnesota, this can lead to some very cold rides in the wintertime! As a result, for the safety of both the horses and the riders, we do have some restrictions regarding winter weather riding.

Lessons are canceled when temperatures are predicted to be below 20 degrees at the scheduled lesson time 24 hours prior to the lesson. If temperatures are above 20 degrees but there is a severe wind chill, heavy snow, or extremely inclement weather lessons may be canceled. Lessons may also be cancelled if there is any severe weather advisory.

When it’s too cold, our students (especially the majority of which that are children) do not focus well or have fun, and often they want to stop riding early because they are freezing. They’re also at risk of frostbite as well as poor road conditions while traveling to the barn. This means they don’t get their money’s worth AND they are in physical danger.

Here’s our policy for winter riding at Enchanted Hollow Stables:

If lessons are canceled, you will be notified as soon as possible. We do have the right to cancel lessons at any time, but try to give everyone at least 24-hours notice.

REMEMBER: Whether riding lessons or classes are canceled or not, our family is still out in the barn working either way. It’s miserable sometimes, but animals still need to be cared for and horses still need to be trained! We never cancel for our benefit — we are trying to keep our riders and our horses as safe and comfortable as possible.