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SOLD: Hip #122 Miss Ebony Rose AKA Lady Bug


Sale results courtesy of Simon Horse Company.

Miss Ebony Rose (also known as Lady Bug) is hip #122 and she SELLS to the highest bidder at the Twin Cities Appaloosa, Paint, & Quarter Horse Catalog Sale on April 6th, 2019!

Half-Arabian: Miss Ebony Rose (HAHR*1A3777764)
PtHA: PPF Maleeka Rafaad (132167H)

Known affectionately in the barn as “Lady Bug.” All the good looks and endurance of an Arabian, in a small & stocky quarter pony body.

  • DOUBLE REGISTERED Half-Arab and Pinto
  • 13.2hh
  • Weight tapes just under 900lbs
  • 12 years old
  • UTD on vet, farrier
  • Zero health or lameness issues
  • Never foundered
  • Great hooves
  • Easy to catch
  • No vices — doesn’t bite, paw, crib, windsuck, or anything like that.
  • Was ear shy when I got her 3 years ago but is not now. Sometimes pulls her head away if you grab her ears quickly and surprise her but not any more than any other horse would. Do not consider her ear shy at all now,
  • Hasn’t had any kind of injury that I’m aware of in her lifetime — and zero during the 3+ years we’ve owned her. Can’t even remember her getting a scratch!
  • Respects fences
  • Will stand tied and cross tied all day with no fuss
  • Extremely low maintenance and easy keeper — doesn’t NEED grain but currently gets Purina Enrich Plus
  • Stays fat and shiny on just grass hay!
  • Very fit and has been ridden all winter, but rides the same if she sits for a long time, too
  • Stalls well — sometimes calls for her friends at first but settles in quickly
  • Stands for vet, farrier, clipping, grooming
  • Rides western or English
  • Rides great for kids, adults, and DINOSAURS
  • Rides in a plain 3-piece snaffle
  • Rides bridleless with a neck rope
  • Handles a chaotic environment very well
  • NO spook, rear, or buck
  • Loads well
  • Side passes
  • Cute turnaround
  • Backs great
  • Goes over, under, or through anything you point her at
  • LOVES attention and affection!
  • Very willing and wants to please
  • Very low key when she is in heat; doesn’t act like a typical mare
  • Not a dead head, push-style pony — doesn’t take much to get her moving but she is very obedient and well trained, and it doesn’t take much to get her to slow down.
  • Naturally has a fast walk and trot but has been trained extensively for rating her speed and slowing down
  • Good out on trails
  • Goes out alone
  • Very fancy and could excel in any arena
  • Have owned her for 3+ years
  • Well exposed to guns, 4-wheelers, skidsteers, tractors, tarps, water, cows, pigs, goats, chickens, ducks, dogs, cats, and loud, crazy kids!
  • Was minimally shown before I owned her in leadline and in-hand classes on the Pinto circuit
  • Has been ridden by 9 year old rider at WSCA gaming shows in the last year
  • Safe for beginner youth but recommend instructor or parent instruction until they are 100% comfortable since she is a responsive, forward, and well trained pony
  • Has played around with poles and small jumps
  • Easy to teach
  • Will be used in a busy program for horse camps and riding lessons until the day of the sale
  • In my opinion, would excel best in dressage, hunter under saddle, jumping, or endurance!

This is a pony that has been exposed to just about everything you can possibly imagine. She is an amazing and fancy pony that can head in ANY direction happily and willingly!


Owned by Reflection Farm.

Photos provided by Jean Wegner Liestman.

With offspring from coast to coast, in the USA and exported to China, the Middle East and England, TALI SAHIB has become a stallion of International and National acclaim. Homozygous black. SCID & CA clear.

Some of Lady Bug’s half-siblings, also sired by TALI SAHIB!

Check out her long YouTube video! We will be posting daily photos/videos leading up to the sale so be sure to watch our Facebook page closely. Yes, it’s a long video — but we wanted to show as much of her as possible in a lot of different situations to demonstrate her true self to anyone interested that may not be able to attend the sale in person! She DOES ride great outside as well though there isn’t a lot of that in the YouTube link here — our weather in MN just hasn’t made for good and safe outdoor riding recently. Once footing is better we’ll post more clips of her outside. Just don’t want to risk any slipping on ice and slushy mud!

Located in Buffalo, MN. Shipping can be arranged anywhere!

Hip # 122 at the Twin Cities Appaloosa, Paint, & Quarter Horse Catalog Sale on April 6th!! Set up phone bids at 507-263-4200. Come see her the day of the sale!