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2018 Spring Break Horse Camps – Teen Days, Little Rider Days, and more!

APRIL 2-6 2018: We are very excited to offer a few different options for spring break horse camps this year! These camps have been planned according to the Buffalo/Hanover/Montrose Spring Break dates.

To start off the week on Monday, April 2nd, we are offering a day camp for teenagers 13-18. The next day on Tuesday, April 3rd we are offering a special day camp just for our youngest riders that are ages 3-7. The rest of the week (April 4th, 5th, 6th) is our three day camp for ages 7-12. If you child is borderline in age and you think they would be a better fit for a younger or older group day, just contact us and we can discuss options for your child.

Register by going to our Horse Camp page, linked here!