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Trail rides, pony painting, and more at the MEA Weekend Camp!

Enchanted Hollow Stables just wrapped up Day #2 of our MEA HORSE & PONY DAY CAMP with a fun pony painting competition.

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What a whirlwind the last couple of days have been. Day #3, which starts later today, is going to be the biggest group we’ve had and the busiest day yet!

Samantha, Spencer, Shane, Alaina, Brynn, Aubrey, Ann and Kaden have been so great. They’ve all pitched in and helped out in so many ways and made these days a success – either in the barn – or one-on-one helping the riders and their horses. The kids also had fun meeting Alaina’s new draft horse and donkey, our pig, goats, chickens, ducks, cats and dog.

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Best of all…. by popular request … they’ve spent most of their days riding. They started the morning helping with feeding and grooming and taking horses out. Shane brought some minis in and showed the kids how to jump and do in-hand obstacles with them. Then they helped tack up their assigned horse or pony and worked on their riding skills – first in the indoor arena – and then they went out trail riding & exploring our woods and fields. We could barely get them off their horses long enough to eat their lunch today – and then we had to bribe them again with promises of finger paint and painted ponies.

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