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Training Example: Bridleless riding, kids, desensitizing!

This is an example of a pony that was bought, trained, and sold by Samantha Sansevere in the Spring of 2016. Tater Tot arrived at Enchanted Hollow in January of 2016 and was sold at the Houck Horse Company Spring Sale in May. When he came to our farm, he had never even been inside a barn before, and had zero training. He was a clean slate, but had the best attitude, and he’s now happily owned by a beautiful family in Stillwater.

Here is the description of one of his ads.

Tater Tot is 13.3hh and 5 years old. Not only does he ride bridleless like a pro, he also has a very soft mouth, gives to the bit great, flexes well, and loves his 3-piece snaffle! He is well started in basic reining maneuvers like seat stops and pivots/spins. Neck reins. No spook. Does great on patterns and will pack around with a little kid all day long! He loves trail riding and will go over or through anything you point him at. If you’re looking for something safe for a child, teen, or small adult, it doesn’t get much better than this guy. He is athletic and built to work. Started well on the pattern — run him safe and slow now for a beginner kid to gain confidence on, or work with him and speed him up. He has the speed if you ask for it but he won’t run off with you. And to top it all off, he’s flashy and cute as a button!

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