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Horse Camp for LITTLE KIDS! Ages 7 & Under (June)

Horse Camp for LITTLE KIDS! Ages 7 & Under (June)


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DATE: June 11th

TIME: 10:00am – 3:00pm

SPACE IS EXTREMELY LIMITED to allow for a personalized experience for all riders and our website will automatically show as “sold out” as soon as we hit our maximum, so don’t hesitate to reserve your spot! We plan to only allow a maximum of 10 riders for this camp.

This particular camp is for riders under 7. This camp is thoughtfully organized and intended for our littlest riders. We will emphasize heavily on safety around horses and other farm animals while also finding fun ways to teach them about the care and work that goes into owning them. Each rider will get very individualized attention and help in learning how to groom, tack up, and ride safely. We will work on basic riding skills and apply what they learn by playing fun games and activities under saddle.

Each camper will be paired up, taught, guided by and mentored throughout the day by experienced trainers and camp leaders at our barn. Most have been riding, driving & working with ponies and horses their whole lives and have won multiple national championships in both driving & riding.

Not only will each camper get the opportunity to ride, learn, and have fun, but they will also be able to simply enjoy spending a fun day on a farm that is home to many horses, ponies, goats, chickens, ducks, donkeys, a bunny, and a potbelly pig!

If notified in advance we can be flexible about an earlier or later drop of and pick up in order to accommodate parents work schedules, but an additional fee may be incurred. SPACE IS LIMITED.

In addition to paying here, be sure to click here and fill out our official registration form so that we have all the necessary information on your camper if you haven’t already!

Please print out our waiver and bring it signed on the day of the camp.


  • Waiver printed and signed (found above)
  • Sturdy boot or shoe with a heel to ride in
  • Rain boots, just in case it gets cold and muddy!
  • Old jeans or riding pants that you don’t mind getting dirty!
  • Extra layers (sweatshirt, jacket, extra socks, gloves, etc.)
  • Warm jacket just in case it is chilly
  • Riding or biking helmet (we have some on hand, but this is very limited and we cannot gaurantee that we will have one for your child. They MUST wear a helmet in order to ride.)
  • Lunch
  • Water Bottle
  • Snack
  • A good attitude!

What to expect:

EQUINE EDUCATION: We will take time to discuss equine feed and nutrition, how much hay a horse eats per day, and other types of food horses eat and need.

FARM CHORES: They will learn about about cleaning horse stalls top to bottom, re-filling water buckets, re-filling hay nets and preparing grain and supplements for each horse and pony for the next feeding.

ARTS AND CRAFTS: They will have the opportunity to do a fun crafting activity related to horses. This activity could be anything from decorating horse shoes (that they will be able to take home and keep as a memento), making stall signs for their favorite horse they rode that day, painting a pony, and more!

GROOMING: They will learn to properly use each grooming tool and groom a horse from top to bottom.

MASSAGE & TOUCH THERAPY: They will learn the basics of how to stretch and massage horses and create a bond and friendship with them during this process.


  • They will learn (or reivew if they already know) how to tack up those horse or pony.
  • How to get on and off your horse safely.
  • Asking your horse or pony to stop, go, turn and back up.
  • Learning an “emergency stop” and the situations that may require it.
  • Working on the gait transitions. Walk, trot, canter (if ready) and whoa.
  • Going over/through obstacles, or depending on ability and experience, working over small jumps.
  • Fun obstacles will also be set up to ride over and through in order to challenge their hand and eye coordination and bond more with their horse or pony.


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